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Does anyone know where I can find properties in or around the Makati area to rent to own? Also, I am looking to purchase a condo for no more than 2,225,000 pesos that has a lot of amenities and is fully furnished. If so, please get back to me with pictures and full description and location of the properties to: rbeckerchi@live.com Thanks!

Here is a video from Aljazeera on the rebel problem in the South http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMi9iuPDdnw

Did stay at the Cherry Blossom hotel near the Robinson Mall in Malate or ermita area

Yasmin Apartelle was 800, and there are room in the Stone House about the same. I do not think writiing them an e-mail is going to pay off. I often stay in the Duck Inn, which is 1200 to 1400, but I have not been in Manila for a couple of years.

looking for a place for me and my filipina gf that is around 1000 pesos in malate or ermita thanks and an email to contact them

hi how does one contact the yasmin pension house in ermita do they have an email thanks